Our Story

We are a bunch of Finnish SME-investors long time been eager for Sun-Dried Organic Spirulina because of marvellous health benefits of it. Then, early on 2016, we discovered a group of Indian aerospace engineers, who in turn were in the process of launching a Sun-Dried-Organic-Spirulina culture and plant in pristine rural area of Tamil Nadu, southern India. Number of brainstorming’s, fruitful discussions and negotiations with Finnish/India lawyers happily ended to the point in which we now can celebrate our co-operation and systems readiness to open the plant gates and start to bring that awesome product out to the world! Nordic quality disciplines combined with Indian superb farming possessions.
So, could you, or anybody in your networks, be interested in our guaranteed Spirulina products and of course us Prolgae Spirulina Supplies Ltd (www.prolgae.com ) as 100% trusted supplier? The goal of our company is to produce some 5000-6000kg per month by the summer of 2018. Now capacity been 1000kg/month. Items so far are Spirulina flakes, nibs and powder. So reliability and capacity there will be thankfully much - every our customer can count on delivery times and product quality been the best possible.
For more information, please check our pages www.prolgae.com. Of course, I or other contacts mentioned in pages will answer all your queries. Delivery terms and other details will be posted to you by your request. Our prices will be between USD31.5-38.5 / kg depending on delivery volumes, contract length, and desired service level - those figures will keep our 15 people company alive as budgeted. Indeed one main idea here is to support people's standard of living there in the Southern India by giving them proper jobs.
What Prolgae Spirulina Supplies Pvt Ltd (PSS Pvt Ltd)?
"Prolgae" is our own abbreviation from "Protein and Algae", in turn referring to "high-in-protein algae/spirulina" and "sun-dried & organic" cultivation. At present Spirulina market dominator, so-called Spray-Dry process version loses part of its nutritional value/digestibility/natural mild taste.

Sun-Dried/Sun-Feed benefits? 

More protein, all 9 essential amino-acids, more fiber, more D-vitamin, delicious taste, handcrafted traditional farming.

Background: We all had long time been aware of the Spirulina been the ultimate food supplement for athletes, and people in general also looking for healthier life and better endurance, in our more and more stressfull life. So the tremendous pricing causes constant struggle - why Spirulina can not be delivered affordable anywhere? Even all webstores seem to value it over 120€/kg, highest been around 200€/kg. So frustrating since I have by myself experienced the great boost that Spirulina causes for my daily activities, even for small one teaspoon (5gr) a day dosage. Is it so that awesome superfood like Spirulina must cost same as normal medicines?
When I had change to visit outside Europe, in so called less developed countries, hoping to find little less my personal economy stressing alters, there where just none - people had hardly heard about Spirulina! That premium level pricing together with challenging availability makes it totally out of markets. So my pursuit to have it as my regular food supplement has to settle down and I concentrated, again, to eat in every meal all the needed minerals and vitamins never forgetting to calculate calories and make sure that I had all those 9 essential amino-acids to keep up adequate protein-synthesis. So no problem and stress if you are born to be a spartan minded robot!
Anyway, life went on and my personal condition was all the time next to excellent, no complaints... Still family and friends sometimes wondered "how an earth you kept up monitoring you food like a scientist". Well, during those days I was actual scientist working in Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT, but that is another story, really. But then, in the middle of 2016 I got a message from Aakas Sadasivam, eager and inspired young Aerospace Engineer from Coimbatore, India. He had read from LinkedIn about my similar interests towards healthy living, sustainable food processing and wide experience in different industry sectors. Aakas told me in our long brainstorming sessions how he had studied the ultimate solution for high-price-Spirulina problems, both in his university studies as well as in freetime, he even had had a small test farm with few hundred litres cultivation pond.
Aakas has his main point too - he, for some higher guided reason, has, as a heritage, a small but perfect plant of land in India, Tamil Nadu area, known to be the farming paradise for organic food, because of it´s ultrapure air and soil, best possible warm and sunny climate. Our fruitfull discussions goes on weeks after weeks, more or less wild ideas start to formulate into plausable congrete actions.
Finally, after months of prestudy we decided to join our forces and here we are - Prolgae Spirulina Supplies (PPS) company, consisting of 15 people, is producing the best-in-class 100% Organic, 100% Pure, Sun-Dried Spirulina affordable to everybody anywhere! Now we only need to make people aware of PSS Spirulina and make sure that we can delivery that for all those spirulina fans globally. Half a year has spent with delays and successes, cultural differences between Nordic Countries and India has become clear, but lot of challenges has been solved! Heaven only knows where this all someday takes us, but at least we had really started something we all earlier just dreamt of.
Go to the heart or granberries, this yourney has already left stories to tell. I by myself am glad that after this I do not ever again need to worry that I never tried something risky, new and totally my own issue. Higher powers blessing that this co-operation has all the best in future - jobs and wellbeing for local people, healthy food for everybody and also some longevity to the PSS company.