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Well-tolerated Spirulina extract inhibits influenza virus replication and reduces virus-induced mortality

2016 Yi-Hsiang Chen, Gi-Kung Chang, Shu-Ming Kuo, Sheng-Yu Huang, I-Chen Hu, Yu-Lun Lo & Shin-Ru Shih
Scientific Reports volume 6, Article number: 24253


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Ergogenic and Antioxidant Effects of Spirulina Supplementation in Humans

2010 Med Sci Sports Exerc. 42(1):142-151. Maria Kalafati; Athanasios Z. Jamurtas; Michalis G. Nikolaidis; Vassilis Paschalis; Anastasios A. Theodorou; Giorgos K. Sakellariou; Yiannis Koutedakis; Dimitris Kouretas

Anti-angiogenic effects of the blue-green alga Arthrospira platensis on pancreatic cancer

24-Feb-2020 J Cell Mol Med

Well-tolerated Spirulina extract inhibits influenza virus replication and reduces virus-induced mortality

30-Jun-2016 Sci Rep

NAC, spirulina, other nutraceuticals may play role on Coronavirus treatment

25-Feb-2020 ScienceBlog.com

Nutraceuticals have potential for boosting the type 1 interferon response to RNA viruses including influenza and coronavirus

12-Feb-2020 Elsevier, by Mark F.McCarty and James J.DiNicolantonio

Spirulina: A Natural Superfood that will boost your health

1-Aug-2019 By Shandaar Jenie 


30-July-2019 By Amrit Kaur (Amy)

Health Benefits Of Spirulina Ft. Prolgae Sun-dried Organic Spirulina

27-Jul-2019 By Mrinal Kiran 

Global Spirulina Market is projected to reach $779 million by 2026

08-July-2019 By Market Research Gazette

‘We are changing the culture of chocolate and cookies’: Spirulina maker Prolgae developing vegan, organic ‘superfood’ treats

08-Feb-2019 By Katy Askew

Algae is The Vegan Protein Food of The Future, says CNN

2018 Nadia Murray-Ragg
Community Coordinator | Wellington, New Zealand | Contactable via [email protected]

Affordable Superfoods: Prolgae Spirulina

2018-10-19 By Vegconomist, The Vegan Business Magazine

See How Algae Could Change Our World

By Jennifer Kite-Powell
Jun 15, 2018

Japanese firms target mass production of Spirulina to meet alternative protein demands

 By Tingmin Koe

The New EU Organic Regulation: What will change?  


Spirulina: Nutritional Fertility and Pregnancy Support 

By Dalene Barton-Schuster, CH, Doula, 18.04.2018 

Business ideas for 2018: Algae
One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet – blue algae (or spirulina)

By Lucy Wayment
Updated: Jan 13, 2018 Published: Jan 15, 2018 

Global Spirulina Market to Surpass US$ 1958.4 Million by 2025

By Sayali Tribhuvan, Team Lead Chemical Domain at Coherent Market Insights

The Doctors tv serie: Hype or Hope? Algae Oil 4/2017  

The Doctors weigh in on the latest oil trend, algae oil. Find out its possible health and nutrition benefits.
Published on Mar 6, 2017. 

Spirulina wikipedia page conspiracy

By Dr. Fehmida Iyer Visnagarwala

Spirulina Drink From Richmond 8/2016 

By KATIE DEMERIA Richmond Times-Dispatch
Aug 21, 2016.

Many Ways to Eat Spirulina

"Would you eat a pond weed pastie or an algae apple pie?" by Pete Hughes. 
10th June 2016.

Hope You Like Algae, Because It’s Going To Be In Everything You Eat 


DSM and Evonik’s Alternative Source for Omega 3 Fatty Acids From Natural Algae 

By Maartje Geraedts

Microalgae: The Latest “Superfood” for the Global Market

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TerraVia and Nestlé Purina Announce Joint Development Agreement - To Work Together to Bring Algae Ingredients to Companion Animal Health and Wellness

Genet Garamendi 
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Nestlé Purina PetCare 
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