Spirulina- The Vibrant Green Addition to Your Daily Diet

There are many of us who have heard, read and are convinced about the benefits of spirulina, but are hesitant to take it daily since the taste of spirulina is somewhat unfamiliar. This incredible superfood is not a vegetable or fruit that grows on trees, or meat that can be obtained from poultry- it belongs to the microalgae family, and has an unusual taste, and takes a little getting used to.

Taking spirulina everyday will not give you an instant burst of energy- the energy you experience will be natural, revitalizing, and long lasting. Health freaks who are a little averse to the spirulina say that the fishy smell of spirulina makes them dislike it. However, if the spirulina is grown in a non-polluted water body, that has no chemicals and/or toxins, then there is hardly any possibility of that nausea inducing smell.

It may be a little difficult to figure out how exactly you can consume spirulina. Add a dash of spirulina and super charge your desserts, soups, lattes, granola bars, puddings, salads, porridge, protein shakes and smoothies, even omelettes! You can disguise its unique algae taste with some clever hacks. Get a little creative and make it a part of your daily food intake so that you get the goodness of spirulina every single day without fail. It not only provides B vitamins, iron, magnesium and protein, but also binds to heavy metals and flushes them out of your body. Believe it, making it a part of your daily regimen is indeed worth the effort.

Taking 100% pure spirulina, in powder or tablet form is the best way to get all benefits of spirulina. Taking a concocted blend or smoothie might not be a good idea, since it will not have all the nutrients of spirulina, considering the sweetener or and other cheaper ingredients added to bulk out and to bring the cost down.

Spirulina has a high PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio), which means the protein in spirulina is easily absorbable- 4 times more than beef, for example. Having it in pure form is essential to get all the benefits of spirulina. The World Health Organisation also recommends spirulina as the ‘best food of the nature’. So what’s stopping you? Make it a habit to consume spirulina daily and experience the multiple health benefits it gives you.