Health Benefits Of Spirulina Ft. Prolgae Sun-dried Organic Spirulina

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Well, are you on a vegetarian or vegan diet?
If you are, I am sure that this question has bothered you quite often – “Am I getting enough protein?"

I am a vegetarian and have been so for more than 10 years now… And believe me, no matter what they say about milk, curd, cheese, and lentils have a lot of protein in them, it is not possible for an average human being to eat enough of those things each day to fulfill the daily requirement of protein!

Also, it’s not just about vegetarians! Even non-vegetarians are vulnerable to protein deficiency today, due to increased consumption of fast food and using low-quality or GMO food items!  [🙁]

So, when I began understanding the importance of protein in one’s diet, finding a good protein supplement became essential… In the last few years, I have tried many “protein-rich” health drinks from many different brands but none of them really contained more than 2-3g of protein per serving, while they were loaded with carbohydrates and sugar… And then, I came across the superfood – SPIRULINA!  [❤]

Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae (cyanobacteria) which is harvested from alkaline water sources and freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds… This single-celled organism is a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals and hence, is aptly referred to as a “SUPERFOOD“!

According to USDA, 100g of dried spirulina contains 57.47g of protein, 23.9g of carbohydrates, 7.72g of fat, vitamins like A, B complex, C, D, E, K and choline and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc!  [❤]

Great Source Of Nutrients – Spirulina is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals and is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet!
  • Good For Diet Management – Spirulina is a low-calorie food which contains a high quantity of nutrients. Taking spirulina daily while being on a diet, may help people lose weight without cutting on essential nutrients.
  • Improves Gut Health – Spirulina cells do not contain fibrous cell walls and hence, can be digested easily. The amino acids present provide digestive enzymes and hence, aid digestion.
  • Helps Fight Allergies – Spirulina can help relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis (allergic reaction to pollen, dust or pets) by calming nasal inflammation and reducing histamine in the body.
  • Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels – Spirulina can help lower the bad cholesterol “LDL” levels while increasing the good cholesterol “HDL” levels.
Spirulina may pose a health risk in case it is contaminated or is of low-quality. Hence, it is essential to buy spirulina from companies which supply organic, high-quality and non-GMO spirulina… And one such supplier is an Indian brand – PROLGAE!

Prolgae sun-dried organic spirulina is completely vegan, certified gluten-free and verified non-GMO!  [❤]

Ingredients: Certified 100% organic spirulina

Dosage: 5-7gm per day (0.5-1 teaspoon)

Directions: Dissolve 1 scoop (5g) into 250-300ml of cold water, favourite beverage or smoothie. Can also be used in healthy snack recipes, or sprinkled onto cereal or yoghurt.

A Walk To Healthy Future: Prolgae supports the Organic Movement. Buying organic products motivates hundreds of farmers across the country to adopt traditional and healthy crop growing practices resulting in self sustaining farming and reducing financial stress on those farmers.

Shelf Life: 36 months

Cost: Rs. 1500 for 500gm, Rs. 3000 for 1000gm [Available on Amazon]

I have been taking a teaspoon of Prolgae spirulina with cold water every day for quite some time now… It smells a bit funky and fishy when dissolved in water, which is actually quite natural (since it grows in lakes)! However, if you are unable to tolerate the smell, you can always blend it in your favourite smoothies or shakes…  [😀]

Hope it helps!  [❤]

**This is a PR product but all the views expressed here are honest and my own.**

Note – The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.

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  • Boosts Metabolism – Studies show that taking spirulina daily may help boost metabolism. Increased rate of metabolism increases the number of calories burnt and thus, provides more energy and aids in weight loss.
  • Detoxifies The Body – Spirulina possesses antitoxin properties and may help counteract heavy metal pollutants in the body like arsenic, lead, iron, mercury and fluoride.
  • May Help Manage Diabetes – Spirulina helps reduce fasting blood glucose levels and thus, may help control diabetes.
  • May Help Prevent Heart Disease – Spirulina helps lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Since high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are linked to heart disease, spirulina may help prevent it.
  • Supports Mental Health – Spirulina is a source of tryptophan which is an amino acid that supports serotonin production. Serotonin helps elevate mood and may help with depression and anxiety.
  • Improves Muscle Strength And Endurance – Spirulina has antioxidant properties which can minimize exercise-induced oxidative damage in the body. Studies show that it can improve muscle strength and endurance.
  • Contains Antioxidants – Spirulina is rich in antioxidants which protect against DNA damage and can also prevent premature ageing of cells.
  • Researches on Spirulina are still going on in various sectors and we may come across many more benefits of this blue-green algae in upcoming years…