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Who We Are

Prolgae Spirulina Supplies Pvt. Ltd. is a Nordic-India joint operating company. Founded on Jan 2017 by Mr. Aakas Sadasivam (India) and Mr. Mika Rautio (Finland) among other algae farming passionate professionals.
Our top-modern farm is ideally located - in a rural cozy village, far away from cities and traffic in Karur district, Tamil Nadu, India. Area famous for flourishing agriculture within ultra pure nature and climate!

Certificates (test results, memberships)

Modern Facilities - Increasing our yield and capacity bit by bit sustainable way.

We are focusing for most ecological high-quality processes and production methods to keep the meets of our customers worldwide.  Meantime our employes have the best possible surroundings to improve their wellbeing.
The more we gain satisfied customerships the more this pristine Tamil Nadu area and these people benefit!  


High-skilled personnel with latest technology R&D and lab spaces